The True Self

a fundamental part of your divinity

In the last post we talked about the three factors which shape an individual.  The true self, the world, and the ego.  The most important and necessary part of the individual is the true self.  Without God’s divine essence residing in our heart, we would not be able to connect with Him.  We would truly be alone in the world, as none of us would have a connection to God and, therefore, no mutual connection to one another.  Not only is the true self capable of connecting with God, it is designed to connect with the divine essences of all other parts of Creation.  We can connect with animals and plants, as well as the heavens and what lies beneath our feet.  The true self is also designed to enable us to connect to ourselves – that is to bring the ego and the true self into harmony, so that their wills are the same, with the will of the true self being the primary influencer.

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“Tell me about yourself…”

you may not be the “you” that you believe you are

I try to be as direct as possible, but there are some things that are difficult to convey to the broadest audience.  The subject of this post has been discussed and debated by cultures for thousands of years, and each culture has their own way of understanding spiritual matters.  I will try to consolidate a subject with so many different nuances that I find it impossible to communicate it in a way that all can understand it, clearly.  Nevertheless, if you are able to understand these basic concepts, you can then build on what you know in order to become close and grow closer to God and His absolute truth.  In later posts I will write about things I do to enhance and continue to grow in and deepen my relationship with our Father.

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The Last Thing to Say

just may be “goodbye”

What has God called you to do for Him?  If you love Him, you have been talking to Him and walking the path He is creating for you.  Take a moment to consider the quality of your relationship with Him.  If you have a relative that you occasionally interact with, you can’t know them very well.  You can have a fair judgement of their personality and whether or not you like being in their company.  Other than mostly superficial characteristics, it takes time to know someone for the person they truly are.  This is also the same with God.  If you only spend time with Him on occasion, you will not be on the path He is creating for you.  You may make some decisions that coincide with His will for your life, but you will be mostly alone and dying, yearning for a connection to something.  If you do not connect, intimately, with the One who created you and has designed the best life for you, you can not be fulfilled, content, at peace, happy.  Your relationship with God is the most important one you have.  You must spend each moment in His presence to live the best life He has for you.

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Stop Maligning God’s Character

let’s understand “perfection”

Typically in my posts I prefer to be factual and professional when dealing with things that may be somewhat controversial. Of course, I have my own opinions, and sometimes I share them. But fact is always fact, and there is no need to debate those things that God has made true. And we know so much about who God is by listening to and following Jesus’ teachings.

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The Solstice

an important event throughout history

For many thousands of years, humanity has been a observing what is essentially the middle of the darkest time of the year. In the northern hemisphere the winter solstice is the darkest day of the year, with almost three quarters of the day being dark. Every culture has placed their own significance on this event, but this year’s winter solstice has something even more special in store for us.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn will be in a Great Conjunction in the night sky, tonight. This means that they will be closeer together in the night sky from Earth’s view than they have been in the past 400 years. it is quite possible that this natural phenomenon is responsible for what we call the Christmas Star, the “star” that guided the Magi (wise men) to Jesus. If the stars, or planets in our case, had not alighned perfectly, Jesus could have been killed by King Herod, as an infant. Herod was the Roman appointed King of the Jews, and he was not going to allow a man under his rule to be called king. He knew that Jesus would be the Messiah and rightful King, so he sent men to kill every baby boy under two years old, as Herod didn’t know who the Messiah was. Jesus’s family escaped, and they returned home after Herod died.

It will not be the first time that this star has saved someone’s life. Tonight, many people will see it, and they will remember Christ. And they will seek him, and in doing so they will find our Father. And they will love Him, because they will know they are His children, and He takes full and good care of those who love Him. Love Him, and He will fully care for you, as well. If you do not wish to have a life with Him, He understands, and He will exclude Himself from your life. That’s how much He loves you. He will not force you into slavery, but our Father is so good that He allows us to make every single choice for ourselves. He will not save us from ourselves, but He allows us to reap the consequences of our actions.

It was a year ago today that my seven years began. Seven fat years, after seven lean years. This does not mean it is time to rest, although time is allotted for rest. But there are six more years until I need to accomplish what God is calling me to do.


Today, I’m reminded of my grandfather who was buried a year ago. He was a veteran of the US Navy (Korean War), so he was entitled to a military funeral, which includes a gun salute. I don’t know how many bullets were fired in total, but I picked up one of the empty bullet casings and put it in my coat pocket. I wanted something to remember him by, and I will always remember that day and the smell of gun powder in the air and the silence that was halted for a moment to honor a fallen soldier. After he left the navy, he began his tour of duty for God. And it didn’t stop until the day he died. Even in his old age, when Alzheimer’s disease had taken most of the man I remember, he showed me that you don’t always have to be working for God but just living in a way that honors our Father is what counts the most.

My uncle, my grandfather’s only son, came up to me later that day and handed me another bullet casing. I had two, now, one for him and one for me.

A few months later, I went to go visit his wife, my step- grandmother, because I wanted to know more about the man that I had been very distant from for a number of years. She told me about a man who was loving, endearing, affectionate, and many other things that I was told that he wasn’t. We cried, each of us for our different reasons. Before I left, and without me prompting her in any way, she asked me if I would like to have something to remember him by. It was bullet casing number three.

He is one of my daily inspirations. My grandmother also gave me a stuffed lion, which was one of my grandfather’s favorite items, and one that I remember seeing in his house for many years. The king of the jungle is a grand sire, majestic in every way, just like the man I remember.

The Collective Consciousness

tapping into the mind of God

There exists a complete record of the human race.  It contains all the knowledge, thoughts, feelings, and history of humanity.  It also contains our instincts, innate characteristics, and all of our unconscious knowledge.  As you can imagine, the pages needed to contain all this information must be immense.  Yes, it would be.  But these pages can not be accessed in the bindings of a library.  Nor can it be found on the Internet; we do not have enough metal and silicon to create the devices necessary to hold all that information.  So, how do we access it?

There are a few ways, and they have been used for thousands of years.  Prayer, meditation, yoga, and other practices which focus the mind and calm the body.  Complete and quiet mind focus and body harmony are required to fully access the archives.    Did Jesus have access to this?  Absolutely!  God is the author of all knowledge; only He knows and remembers all.  His memory is infinite, as He takes account of every detail that we miss.  And in your heart, if you truly desire to have access to the complete archives of consciousness, humble yourself to the One who knows all, and He will give you the knowledge your heart desires.  Humility is the first step.  If you wish to know something that you do not know, you must first understand what you do not know.  If you wish to know everything, you must come to the final understanding that you know nothing.  Only a humble heart can hear and understand the voice of God.

Jesus teaches us that eternal life is to know God and His Son (Jesus).  If you know what God promises, and you believe Him, you will live forever.  Even though the body dies, and the soul sleeps upon death, we will one day arise to meet our Savior and his Father.  And we will rejoice.  Eternal life is perfect, and no one can truly imagine what that means.  Perfection can have many different connotations when people speak of the afterlife, but we know that God is perfect, so anything that He has in store for us will also be perfect.  Take a moment to emotionally comprehend what Jesus voluntarily went through in order to have eternal life.  Hell on Earth.

Jesus tapped into humanity’s collective consciousness, and, as he was dying on the cross, he asked God to forgive his accusers and his executioners.  When you have that kind of humility toward God and the things that He loves, you get to be king of God’s people in the afterlife.  We can never be kings or queens in the afterlife, but loving in perfect communion with God is the ultimate reward.

Humble your heart, and see what God does for you. Be beacons of God’s love to those who need to know Him, not expecting anything in return but your Father’s perfect love.  His promises are true, because His love is perfect.

Where Did We Come From?

how did He do it?

In a previous post, I explained how God planted His Universe seed and how it sprouted, grew, and evolved into the Universe as we know it, today.  Of course, I am using the seed as a metaphor for what actually happened, because no one knows exactly how God did it.  Some pretty smart people have some great ideas, with a lot of evidence to back up their claims.  What they have done is taken a very hard, critical look at the mysteries of the Universe and its various components, and came up with explanations that are best supported by the evidence – what makes the most sense.  One thing we must respect about true science is the steadfast pursuit of truth, even when it means admitting when something is unknown or even incorrect.  Always be wary of scientific claims until you have convincing evidence; if there is jut not enough evidence to convince you, then ask God, “Is their claim reasonable?”  Then, be quiet, and allow Him to speak to you, so you will be able to clearly hear His message.

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Time to Pray


If you could take God and shrink Him down into the size of a coin and carry Him around in your pocket, how often would you talk to Him? Would you only take Him out when you needed Him? Would you show Him off to others? Would you hide Him away, so that no one could take Him from you? Would you never tell anyone about Him, so He would be all yours?

Now, imagine that God walks beside you, every day, all day, and you have the opportunity to talk to Him anytime you wish. He is your best friend, offering you help and advice when you need Him. He knows the best choices for you to make before they are even presented before you, and He wants you to journey down the path that will lead to peace and contentment. God is our Father, and He does not want His children to suffer.  He is always here when we need Him, but if we do not know how to approach Him, how will we ever be able to walk with Him?

You do not have to imagine, because God is real and He is with you. God is so amazing that He has the ability to be anywhere and everywhere in His Creation at any time. God is like the ocean, and you are a vessel in his midst. You have the ability to communicate with and receive understanding from Him. He has laid the foundation for a relationship with you. And, like all of His children, you must make a choice whether or not to respond to His offer of love, peace, hope, and eternal life, as those are the benefits of a personal relationship with God.

Do you want that? to live life with hope, peace, and contentment, no matter how wretched and horrible your circumstances are, until the day you die? He is holding out His hand, waiting, patiently, like the best Father, waiting for you to take hold. Take His hand and speak to Him. Tell Him everything that races around in your mind. DO NOT BE ASHAMED! God knows you, already, and He still loves you to the fullest.  Do not feel foolish “talking to the air”  God created the air; He IS the air.  Accept what God has for you.

Prayer is not meant to be at an apportioned time on the appointed day. We can pray at the appointed times, but when the observance of the ritual becomes the focus of the worship, then we are not communing with God; we are satisfying our human desire to do for God, when God wants us to be for Him. The more you live your life for God, the more you will do for Him, not the other way around. And in order to be for God, you must know Him, and for you know Him, you must pray.

How did Jesus pray? Unceasingly! He was (and is) always in communion with God. Nothing that Jesus said or did was from his own desires, but he was in full obedience to the Father that sent him to us. And we should live like that, too. Pray unceasingly and in full communion with God. For, what other greatness can a person achieve in this lifetime that will give them eternal life?

“My Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for the wonderful blessings you have given me. I thank you for life, and for Your breath that sustains me. You are the most magnificent and the most beautiful, and I love you with my whole heart. Guide me, Father. Make my path straight and fast to You. Let me not suffer in this life, unless it glorifies You. I ask this in Your most holy Son’s name.”

Something to Consider

There is a man who has an illness. It is caused by a specific childhood problem that he was born with and lasted until he grew into an adult. This is a mental illness, and he will live with it, forever.
Yet, there is a plant, a natural remedy for this man’s condition, and it relieves the pain associated with his disorder, perfectly.  In fact, this plant changes the man’s life for the better. 
The problem is the plant is illegal under the laws of mankind. When the man uses the plant, he is liable to be put into jail, and depending on how much he has at any time, he may be taken and jailed forever.  Let it be fully known that he is not breaking the laws of Yahweh and he is not contradicting the teachings of Yeshua. The question is: is he sinning?
Yahweh did command us to enjoy the fruits of HIS creation, such as every green plant that grows from the ground.
Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;”
Keep in mind that the people who will put him in jail have lied and deceived many people before. Those same people are murderous thieves, who will kill to save themselves simple discomfort. They are wretched people.
Who had Yahweh’s blessing, and who will be destroyed?
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