Time to Pray


If you could take God and shrink Him down into the size of a coin and carry Him around in your pocket, how often would you talk to Him? Would you only take Him out when you needed Him? Would you show Him off to others? Would you hide Him away, so that no one could take Him from you? Would you never tell anyone about Him, so He would be all yours?

Now, imagine that God walks beside you, every day, all day, and you have the opportunity to talk to Him anytime you wish. He is your best friend, offering you help and advice when you need Him. He knows the best choices for you to make before they are even presented before you, and He wants you to journey down the path that will lead to peace and contentment. God is our Father, and He does not want His children to suffer.  He is always here when we need Him, but if we do not know how to approach Him, how will we ever be able to walk with Him?

You do not have to imagine, because God is real and He is with you. God is so amazing that He has the ability to be anywhere and everywhere in His Creation at any time. God is like the ocean, and you are a vessel in his midst. You have the ability to communicate with and receive understanding from Him. He has laid the foundation for a relationship with you. And, like all of His children, you must make a choice whether or not to respond to His offer of love, peace, hope, and eternal life, as those are the benefits of a personal relationship with God.

Do you want that? to live life with hope, peace, and contentment, no matter how wretched and horrible your circumstances are, until the day you die? He is holding out His hand, waiting, patiently, like the best Father, waiting for you to take hold. Take His hand and speak to Him. Tell Him everything that races around in your mind. DO NOT BE ASHAMED! God knows you, already, and He still loves you to the fullest.  Do not feel foolish “talking to the air”  God created the air; He IS the air.  Accept what God has for you.

Prayer is not meant to be at an apportioned time on the appointed day. We can pray at the appointed times, but when the observance of the ritual becomes the focus of the worship, then we are not communing with God; we are satisfying our human desire to do for God, when God wants us to be for Him. The more you live your life for God, the more you will do for Him, not the other way around. And in order to be for God, you must know Him, and for you know Him, you must pray.

How did Jesus pray? Unceasingly! He was (and is) always in communion with God. Nothing that Jesus said or did was from his own desires, but he was in full obedience to the Father that sent him to us. And we should live like that, too. Pray unceasingly and in full communion with God. For, what other greatness can a person achieve in this lifetime that will give them eternal life?

“My Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for the wonderful blessings you have given me. I thank you for life, and for Your breath that sustains me. You are the most magnificent and the most beautiful, and I love you with my whole heart. Guide me, Father. Make my path straight and fast to You. Let me not suffer in this life, unless it glorifies You. I ask this in Your most holy Son’s name.”

Author: jeremiah

I'm on the left, and that's my grandfather, Sam on the right. I was proud to be the one who got to sit on his right hand side, that day. That was the last day I saw him, and it was a good day. Sam was a good man, and he and I were a lot alike. He is guiding me, now, on a mission to minister to those who have a deep need to know Yahweh's love for them. I am available anytime to help.

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