We all come from the Earth and WE ALL exist as part of one Spirit.

That Spirit is Yahweh, and WE ALL have a small part of HIM in our souls.  HE intentionally created us to be that way, because HE loves each one of us and HE wants us to always have a direct, individual connection to HIM.    Yahweh unceasingly calls to each one of HIS children as HE creates us and as we grow and live until our body dies and our soul goes to sleep.  Some of us are able to hear HIS calling and respond to it; there are few of us.  Others, for whatever reason, which may or may not be their fault, can not hear Yahweh’s calling.  There are many of them.  Those that hear and respond to Yahweh’s calling are commanded by HIM to testify and bear witness of Yahweh’s love for all humankind to all who will listen.  These are the light-bearers.

Yahweh is GOOD!  HE is so good to us that HE creates every one of us with all potential and ability to be HIS light-bearers.  Every child that Yahweh creates is born full of HIS light and love.  Unless the worldly things that come between us and Yahweh cause the light to darken within you, HIS light will grow and it will shine through YOU, so that all people will see your light AND HIS LIGHT and they will also come to know and love Yahweh as WE know HIM and love HIM.  This is how we cure humanity’s sickness.

Yahweh DOES NOT want us to be HIS slaves!  He wants you to love HIM, freely, because HE loves you.  Worship is a good thing!  If your head is down and you are reading the Bible to find Yahweh, HE IS NOT IN THERE!  LOOK UP!!  Yahweh is all around us.  He is in all of us and through all of us.  We are all a part of HIM and HE is a part of us!

This is for those who freely wish to learn from our brother, Yeshua. 

It is always a free choice to come to Yahweh. 

Read AND know Matthew, Mark, Luke,and Acts; make those your only texts in order to know Yeshua and his Father.  You do not need any more!  These texts all agree!  Sinful men have added piles of rubbish and horrible requirements to the Gospel of Eternal Life.  Yahweh wants us to go back to EXACTLY AND ONLY what Yeshua preached.  BE WARNED: The Bible is an invention of mankind.  Yahweh DID NOT assemble these texts, HE does not require we use them, and NO ONE will be judged by them.  DO NOT let sinful men tell you otherwise.

YAHWEH LOVES US ALL!  You may not understand, but HE does.  HE loves every one of us like a father is supposed to love his children.

Imagine your perfect father.

NOW, KNOW THIS IN YOUR HEART: Yahweh is OUR perfect Father!

Some people had a wonderful earthly father, and other people had a father who hit them, while others had a father who sexually abused them, and others didn’t have a father at all.  NO MATTER WHO you are, WHERE you come from, WHAT you look like, WHAT you have done, WHAT you believe, OUR FATHER, YAHWEH, LOVES YOU!

NOW HEAR AND ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS:  Because Yahweh loves US ALL so deeply, He sent His perfect son, Yeshua , to deliver a message to us.  Yahweh’s message is simply this:  If we are to live in the Yahweh’s Kingdom, that is Heaven on Earth, then we must love Yahweh and we must love one another with our entire mind, body, soul, and spirit.

That’s it!

There is no more mystery to solve!  There is nothing for us to do but LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  If we do this, Yahweh will give us eternal paradise on Earth.  AND, if we will place ALL of our trust in Yahweh, HE will create for us a NEW EARTH, where HE will be present, Yeshua will be our brother, and we will live in eternal perfection, God’s family in ONE.

This WILL happen.  We do not know how or when, but this is what Yeshua preached.  You DO NOTgo to Heaven or go to Hell” when you die.  This is a deception created by the evil people to scare others into submission.  When you die, you will sleep, and when Yahweh commands the time to come, you will be resurrected from death.  At that moment, every accountable person who has ever lived will be present.  Yeshua will then separate those who love Yahweh from those who do not.  Those who do not will be discarded, like the flame of a candle that has been blown out.  Those who love Yahweh will inherit eternal life.

Eternal life.  With Yahweh.  That is our reward for suffering.  That is our reward for going without.  We WILL BE rewarded for our undying faith and holy obedience.  Life in paradise, forever, with the Creator of the Universe, is the reward that Yeshua promises to all of those who live their lives loving Yahweh and loving one another.  We will be gloriously rewarded when the time comes, because Yahweh loves those who love HIM, and HE  gives HIS love freely to anyone who seeks HIM with their whole heart.
These are the promises of Yeshua, the Son of Yahweh.  And WHY do we believe what Yeshua teaches?  We believe because of his Resurrection.  We read about the Resurrection, and some of us experience the Resurrection.   We see in the Gospels that after Yeshua was sentenced to be executed, for no crime whatsoever, he was beaten and scourged.  Battered and bleeding, nails were pounded through his wrists and feet, securing him upright to a tree.  He hanged there until he died.  His body was taken down from the tree and laid in a tomb, which was sealed by a heavy rock and guarded by Roman soldiers.  Three days later, when women went to anoint his body in preparation for his funeral, they discovered the soldiers were gone, the stone was rolled away, and Yeshua’s body was gone.  Mary Magdeline was among those who discovered the empty tomb.

Later, Yeshua appeared in bodily form to his disciples, Peter and John, and also to many others.  Yeshua stayed with them and taught them, preparing them to be dispersed to every corner of the Earth to spread the GOOD NEWS OF YAHWEH’S KINGDOM COME AND HIS PROMISE OF ETERNAL LIFE.

And this is where we are at, today.  Once the Gospel has been preached to every soul, and all people that will ever live have been given the free will opportunity to choose eternal life with Yahweh, or to be eternally destroyed, Yahweh’s plan of Creation will be complete – at least humankind’s role in it.  With Yahweh, all things are possible!  The Universe is an enormous place.  Who is mighty enough to limit Yahweh?!  NONE!  No, and there is NONE whose calling is stronger than Yahweh’s.

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