The Collective Consciousness

tapping into the mind of God

There exists a complete record of the human race.  It contains all the knowledge, thoughts, feelings, and history of humanity.  It also contains our instincts, innate characteristics, and all of our unconscious knowledge.  As you can imagine, the pages needed to contain all this information must be immense.  Yes, it would be.  But these pages can not be accessed in the bindings of a library.  Nor can it be found on the Internet; we do not have enough metal and silicon to create the devices necessary to hold all that information.  So, how do we access it?

There are a few ways, and they have been used for thousands of years.  Prayer, meditation, yoga, and other practices which focus the mind and calm the body.  Complete and quiet mind focus and body harmony are required to fully access the archives.    Did Jesus have access to this?  Absolutely!  God is the author of all knowledge; only He knows and remembers all.  His memory is infinite, as He takes account of every detail that we miss.  And in your heart, if you truly desire to have access to the complete archives of consciousness, humble yourself to the One who knows all, and He will give you the knowledge your heart desires.  Humility is the first step.  If you wish to know something that you do not know, you must first understand what you do not know.  If you wish to know everything, you must come to the final understanding that you know nothing.  Only a humble heart can hear and understand the voice of God.

Jesus teaches us that eternal life is to know God and His Son (Jesus).  If you know what God promises, and you believe Him, you will live forever.  Even though the body dies, and the soul sleeps upon death, we will one day arise to meet our Savior and his Father.  And we will rejoice.  Eternal life is perfect, and no one can truly imagine what that means.  Perfection can have many different connotations when people speak of the afterlife, but we know that God is perfect, so anything that He has in store for us will also be perfect.  Take a moment to emotionally comprehend what Jesus voluntarily went through in order to have eternal life.  Hell on Earth.

Jesus tapped into humanity’s collective consciousness, and, as he was dying on the cross, he asked God to forgive his accusers and his executioners.  When you have that kind of humility toward God and the things that He loves, you get to be king of God’s people in the afterlife.  We can never be kings or queens in the afterlife, but loving in perfect communion with God is the ultimate reward.

Humble your heart, and see what God does for you. Be beacons of God’s love to those who need to know Him, not expecting anything in return but your Father’s perfect love.  His promises are true, because His love is perfect.

Author: jeremiah

I'm on the left, and that's my grandfather, Sam on the right. I was proud to be the one who got to sit on his right hand side, that day. That was the last day I saw him, and it was a good day. Sam was a good man, and he and I were a lot alike. He is guiding me, now, on a mission to minister to those who have a deep need to know Yahweh's love for them. I am available anytime to help.

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