The Story of Jesus

Two thousand years ago, in the Middle East, Mary, a young virgin woman, 14 to 18 years old, received a message from God.  An angel of God came to Mary and told her that she is pregnant.  God had sent His Holy Spirit into the womb of Mary, and she conceived a baby boy.  Mary had no choice but to tell her fiance, Joseph.  Joseph was a good man, and even though he had every right to break off the engagement, because it appeared that Mary had been unfaithful, he did not.  Instead, he married her, and they began the task of raising the child who was the Son of God.

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The Lord’s Prayer

when you don’t know what to pray

Prayer is an unbelievably important part of life.  It is the primary means by which we communicate with God.  There are other means of communication, but prayer directly connects us with our Father.  We are able to express things to Him that we feel we can not tell anyone else.  He is always listening, even when we are not kneeling with our eyes closed and hands clasped.

Sometimes, we avoid praying because we do not know what to say.  This is an easy trap to fall into, but God knows why we do this, and He is not upset.  Because there are other ways of connecting with God besides prayer, we are still able to have a fulfilling relationship with God without being in a state of constant, traditional prayer.

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The Secret to Life

Yes, you can tell. In fact, please do.

So, what is it?  I tend to be direct, for the most part, so I’ll continue to be so.  The secret to life is… Love.  It may not be the earth-shattering revelation that makes every nightly news broadcast.  And it may not be the key to unlocking mankind’s darkest mysteries.  But, Love is God’s ultimate plan for humanity.  His plan, from the beginning, was for His children to live in peace, love, and harmony with one another.  This is evident in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 12, verses 28-34:

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Please wipe your feet and take off your shoes…

Thank you for stopping by!

My intention with this website is to promote Unitarian Christianity as the best path to a personal relationship with God.  I have the privilege of having a personal relationship with my Father, and I want to share my experience with you, in the eternal hope that you, too, will know God as I know Him and experience an enlightened perspective on life and what happens after death.  I’m not saying I have all the answers, but, luckily, Jesus does.

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